When people browse the internet, they want more than just text; they want to see photos. In some cases, users might find your website through a photo search rather than a text search. Sometimes, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for by using photos instead of text. Most search engine toolbars offer the option for users to search by photos.

It’s important to tag all the photos on your website with SEO-optimized keywords. This ensures that those searching for what you’re promoting through a photo search can find it. Just like a regular text search produces hundreds of thousands of pages of text for any search, a photo search also produces pages of results. However, because there is much more text than photos on the internet, the number of photo result pages represents only a fraction of what is revealed for text pages. That’s why some people prefer to search for what they want using the photo option.

While it can be difficult for these people to find your website in search engine result pages if there are many sites like yours, it’s not as difficult to find photos. Photo searches are much shorter, and many people will look at all the photos in the search. That’s why it’s essential to use sites that allow you to host and display your photos. There are many free sites like www.shutterfly.com that let you host photos for free. You can upload your photos to these sites, then tag them with appropriate SEO keywords so they show up in search engines. You can also place a link to your site on the hosting company’s site. This gives you another way to promote your website for free online.

You can add the same photo to different free hosting sites for additional exposure. You can perform a Google search to find different sites that allow you to upload free photos. Most of them limit the number of photos you can use for the site. Using photos is one way to improve your SEO marketing. It won’t cost you any money and will take very little time.